Ignored by the BAFTAS

I take even less notice of the British Films Awards than I do of those of the Hollywood Academy. The latter clearly affect box office performance but I have not seen any evidence that the former do. And the BAFTA members show rather less attention to British Cinema than they do to the international box office. It is interesting to compare the British process with that of the French César Awards which show an interest and appreciation of French film production.

Now, this year, one of the titles up for Best Film is Netflix’s Don’t Look Up. According to IMDb the title has only been released in the UK on the internet. I can visualise poor exhibitors sticking pins in BAFTA member dolls. I have suspected for some time that both the majority membership of the Academy and of the BAFTAs only view titles on digital video or streaming. I wonder how they are able to judge the quality of productions that are still presented in their ceremonies as ‘films’.

I have always thought that the problem with the BAFTAS is epitomised by the record for Charlotte Rampling who has never got a mention. She has won awards at the Hollywood Academy, the French Césars and the European Awards. The 2015 title 45 Years was honoured at the BAFTAS as was Tom Courtney. But Charlotte Rampling had to rely on the Hollywood Academy and the Berlin Film Festival for recognition.