The Case for Global Film

'in the picture': Films from everywhere and every era

FREE Education Resources to Download

Our teaching produces packs of notes, discussion questions etc. that could prove useful for many of our readers so it seems sensible to make them available here as pdfs.


Events for Post 16 students

The Ladykillers (UK 1955) Ladykillers.pdf

Vertigo (US 1958) – Hitchcock and auteurism Vertigo.pdf

Genre Notes for A Level Teachers – Genre Notes.pdf


Public events/day schools

The Coen Brothers and True Grit (US 2010) True Grit.pdf

Notes on the film adaptation of Gone Girl (US 2014) – Gone Girl Notes.pdf

Pawel Pawlikowski and Ida (Poland-Germany 2013) Ida Notes.pdf

Detailed notes for an online event discussing John Ford’s Fort Apache (US 1948): FortApacheNotes

Notes on: ExploringIranianCinema.pdf

Notes on Iranian director Jafar Panahi: IntrotoJafarPanahi.pdf

Notes on the British social drama Woman in a Dressing Gown (1957): WIDGNotes

Notes on the career of Harry Belafonte: BelafonteNotes

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