Specialised Cinemas in the UK

We have worked with several of the important independent cinemas in the UK that screen ‘specialised films’ (the term still used by the British Film Institute to distinguish films that are not mainstream Hollywood). Most of these cinemas have education officers who organise education screenings for students, training for teachers, evening classes and various events open to the general public including Q&As with directors, screenwriters etc.

Many of the following cinemas have education contacts, check their home pages for details:

Broadway, Nottingham

Curzon Community Cinema, Clevedon, Somerset

HOME, Manchester

Edinburgh Filmhouse

FACT, Liverpool

Glasgow Film Theatre

Hebden Bridge Picture House

Hyde Park Picture House, Leeds.

National Media Museum, Bradford

Rix Mix, Shoreditch, East London

Showroom, Sheffield

Tyneside Cinema, Newcastle

Most of our work is in the North of England but we are happy to add any others to this list (especially from other UK nations and regions).


  1. John Neville Cohen

    Joseph Cohen born 22nd June 1889 in Birmingham – died 22nd June1980 Birmingham UK. He pioneered the provincial News Theatres throughout the UK and had several in the West End of London. Later, most of these became cartoon and comedy cinemas when television became popular. These cinemas were known as the ‘News Theatre’, ‘Tatler’, ‘Princes’ and ‘Monseigneur’, but later were renamed the ‘Jacey’. Together with his son George Cohen they also pioneered the introduction of the specialised Continental Cinemas, known as the ‘Cinephone’ showing the best of continental feature films throughout the UK.


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