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Many of the entries on this blog are ‘film reviews’. However, they are probably not comparable with reviews on other sites, especially those from commercial sites.

Our aim is to introduce prospective viewers to films that they might not otherwise see or to give them ideas about films they have just seen. It isn’t primarily to evaluate films or to judge them on a 5 point scoring chart. We are always more interested in how meanings are produced and why films seem to work in particular ways than in whether they are ‘good’ or ‘bad’ (though sometimes an evaluation is useful in assessing how films are received or why they get distributed/exhibited in particular ways).

Rather than describe the plot, our reviews are more likely to highlight issues, discussion points and, especially, ways in which the film might be used as a case study in film or media studies. This means that we won’t usually give a synopsis of the film and we won’t reveal important narrative twists without some form of SPOILER warning.

We don’t aim to review every non-Hollywood film that comes to the UK – only those that interest us and then usually because they provide the basis for a discussion of our general aims. Some of the films are not available in the UK and where possible we’ll indicate where a DVD can be purchased (or clips seen on other websites).

If you would like to review something along these lines or if you have any comments about our policies, please add a comment below.

One thought on “Our reviews

  1. I believ this is one of the most credible website where works reviewed are not about publicity.
    Please keep up the good work.
    I’m currently working on something similar on my company website and I hope this will go along way in inspiring me about the kind of perception i can bring to Nigerian movie industry so that the quacks that are fronting all around can sit tight.
    Thumbs up once again.


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