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How to navigate this site

A still from Clara Solo (Sweden-Costa Rica 2021) reviewed on this blog

Although this website operates like a blog, it carries a wide range of material that is being organised so that it will, we hope, provide something interesting and useful for the casual user and for teachers and students with specific needs in relation to global film.

There are roughly four kinds of material here:

•  regular blog entries on films (some new, some old) that we have seen recently on the cinema screen, streamed or on DVD/video/TV;

•  reports from film festivals and conferences (see the tags)

•  notes from teaching programmes (day events, evening classes, film introductions etc.) or previously published in in the picture magazine;

•  material specially written for the site to make it more useful for global film education.

How to find material

There are four ways to find anything on the site. At the top of the sidebar is a standard search box that searches all entries on the blog (there are over 2600 entries and the list is growing). It’s a good idea to place your search term (such as a film title) between double quotes, e.g. “El Orfanato”.

At the top of the sidebar on the right are a series of pages like this one. We intend to use these to provide more background for teachers and students and you will find links on these pages to a selection of entries suitable for work on a particular topic.

The sidebar also includes a list of categories. Every blog entry appears in at least one category – many in more than one. Click on a category and the most recent posting in that category will appear – you can then scroll down through earlier posts in the same category.

Scroll down the sidebar to find a tag cloud. Tags are similar to categories, but they mostly refer here to more specialised classifications such as films by a certain director or star. The bigger the tag appears, the more entries there are.


References in the blog entries will often link directly to other material (i.e. on other pages or on other sites), but we have also provided what we hope are useful links in the sidebar. We’ve also now started a page with more detailed information on some of the web resources we find most useful. See the page on Global Film Resources. Please use the comment box on the Contact Us page to let us know about other useful links and especially sites that you recommend and that we should feature more prominently.

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