The advance reports on this film had me putting it on my list of films ‘must see’! So I was a little put out when the only Leeds screening at the Hyde Park Picture House was late evening, ending too late for getting home by public transport. However, to pay due credit, I now see that there are two further screenings at the Hyde Park (the first this coming Sunday) and that it is screening at Picture House at the National Media Museum. They are screening it twice, today and tomorrow, Thursday.

The film is a satire on “race” and “racism’ in the USA. Like the very fine Selma (US/UK 2014) this is a timely intervention. The film is set in what I take to be a contemporary US university. The setting suggests an influence by Spike Lee and some of the comments that have slipped past my ‘plot censor’ suggest the same. If this film even approaches the quality of Lee’s Bamboozled (US 2000) it will be worth at least one viewing.