Most popular entries

The stats that WordPress provides are very useful. We know, for instance, that at the moment the majority of our visitors are new to the site and visit because of a Google link or a referral from another site. We do have a smaller community of regular visitors and we attract interest from all over the world.

Perhaps the most interesting stats are those for the top posts. There are four or five film titles that easily attract the most traffic. For the last few months, we have had tons of visits primarily seeking the images we’ve posted from Bonnie and Clyde. I know the 1930s gangsters have been in the news again this year, but the extent of interest is amazing.

From the UK, the single entry on Kidulthood and Adulthood is well ahead of others, but it is dwarfed by interest from the Middle East in Caramel. The other top films are Hero (not surprising really), Spider Lilies from Taiwan and I Served the King of England. The last two suggest some fan clubs.

Update April 2010

The films (as distinct from the images) that seem to have attracted most attention include Die Welle (The Wave), Tsotsi, Y tu mamá también, Katyn, The Red Shoes, Ordinary Boys (Spain/Morocco 2008) and Skin (UK/South Africa 2008). Also in the top ten is the post on Editing in A bout de souffle.

Update 2016

For the last few years the most popular posts have been Hero, Rabbit-Proof Fence, Tsotsi, What Is Melodrama? and Bicycle Thieves.

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